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Prof. Park Rae-woong’s team partners with the Bill & Meli.. 2020-05-15 290
  Prof. Park Rae-woong (Dept. of Biomedical Informatics) at Ajou University’s School of Medicine has joined the growing number of research teams worldwide analyzing big data in an attempt to fight COVID-19. To that end, the professo..
Interview with Ajou President Park Hyung-ju published in J.. 2020-05-15 296
  An interview with Park Hyung-ju, President of Ajou University, has been published in the April 25 edition of JoongAng Sunday. The interview took place in the president’s office on April 8.   President Park was asked a..
Ajou’s bio & healthcare ICC partners with Erom to launch .. 2020-05-15 263
  The bio and healthcare industrial cooperation center (ICC) at Ajou University has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Erom to establish a partnership for the creation and joint management of a new immunology researc..
Prof. Seo Hyung-tak’s team develops an artificial synapse.. 2020-05-15 115
  A team of researchers led by Professor Seo Hyeong-tak of Ajou University has developed an artificial synapse for tactile perception. The new device, which emulates tactile perceptions involving touch and nerves, features a hetero-juncti..
Graduate School of Education offers a new program to train.. 2020-05-15 106
  The Graduate School of Education is now offering a new program in AI convergence education. Now that the school has been authorized to join the Ministry of Education’s Program for the Enhancement of Teachers’ Capability for ..
Prof. Yoon Tae-jong’s team discovers gene editing technol.. 2020-05-15 107
  A team of Ajou University researchers led by Prof. Yoon Tae-jong has succeeded in developing a treatment for colorectal cancer using gene editing. The cure is specifically meant for colorectal cancer patients with gene mutations on whom..
Prof. Choi Sang-dun’s team finds a cure for autoimmune in.. 2020-05-15 111
    A team of researchers at Ajou University, including Professors Choi Sang-dun and Kim Wook, has found a cure for several autoimmune inflammatory diseases. The team has successfully demonstrated the efficacy of their product in..
Ajou's president is preoccupied with solving problems 2020-05-06 411
Ever since he was young, Park Hyung-ju, 56, has always dreamed of earning the Fields Medal, the most prestigious academic award a mathematician can hope to achieve. He was especially concerned with solving the Jacobian Conjecture, one of the great..
The "Shining Stars from Ajou University" display is unveil.. 2020-04-03 864
2020-03-11   The "Shining Stars from Ajou University" display was unveiled on the wall of the University's Yeonam Hall. The display contains the stories of eight Ajou University alumni, including the late Pil Sang Hw..
Ajou University Professor Sang Dun Choi develops a medicin.. 2020-04-03 877
2020-03-09     Ajou University Professor Sang Dun Choi developed a medicine for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in many parts of the ..

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