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International Trade


To have an in-depth study of international trade stems from a humble premise that any analysis of economic, political and social implications of exchange between traders in more than two national markets differs from that between traders within a national market. International trade as a means for achieving better international cooperation and economic development is indisputable. Trade relations among countries have evolved through collective debate, negotiations, agreements and on many, varied and complex issues. To strengthen the world economy for a sustainable development of trade, investment, employment, and income growth, the need to develop and nurture human resources for such an economic task is indispensable. It is in this respect that AJOU GSIS has taken the cue to train experts and professionals for governments, public institutions, private companies and firms, or individuals, with a view to enhancing their skills and understanding in the field of international trade, to handle the intricacies, issues, and challenges of the world trading system for a better future.

Course List of International Trade

Courses for International Trade are as follows :

Courses for International Trade are as follows :
  • Business Statistics
  • Economic Analysis I, II
  • International Trade
  • International Finance
  • International Economic Policies and Organizations
  • International Relations
  • International Communication Skills
  • Foreign Investment and Multinational Corporation
  • Topical Seminar on International Trade and Finance
  • International Political Economy
  • Financial Derivatives
  • International Business
  • International Capital Market
  • International Economic Law
  • International Organizations
  • Research Methods
  • International Commercial Contracts and Dispute
  • Settlements
  • Electronic Commerce
  • International Corporate Finance and Payment
  • International Trade Practices
  • Human Capital and Knowledge-Based Economy
  • Korean History
  • Contemporary Korean Society
  • Korean Economic Development
  • Korean Politics
  • Korean Language I, II
  • NGO and Modern Society

The specific courses that any student takes are individually chosen, in consultation with advisors, depending on each student’s interests and course availability.

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