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Responsibility of course TAs
  • Be punctual all the time
  • Make sure to prepare handouts or lecture materials requested by professors in advance.
  • Make sure to check all class equipment (PC, projector, Air Conditioner, marker, etc.) before class starts and please contact GSIS office immediately in need of help.
  • When having any special activity in the class (such as visiting some companies and other places related to the class) and need help from the GSIS office, please contact GSIS office via email first and visit the office immediately.
  • The maximum work time is 10 hours per month.
  • Make sure to read the instructions for TA, and submit the TA monthly reports at the end of each month.


How to use copy machine at the office
  • TAs are allowed to use copy machine located in the GSIS office. You can make copies enough for the class.
  • If the volume of the paper is too big, please consult with GSIS staff.
  • Please try to avoid the time copying the lecture materials in the morning, and visit the office in the afternoon. In case of emergency in the morning, please ask your favor to the staff at GSIS office and use the copy machine.

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