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Graduation Requirements

HOMEAcademic Information For Prospective StudentsDept.Curriculum/ RequirementsGraduation Requirements

All students wishing to graduate from the Ajou GSIS should fulfill the following graduation requirements:


Students should enroll for at least 4 semesters to obtain a Master’s degree. ( KOICA Students are enrolling 3 semesters with 2 summer/winter session)

Requirements for Graduation

All Students who would like to be on Thesis Track should complete/pass the followings

  • Research Methods Course: should receive higher than B+
  • Overall GPA higher than 3.5/4.5 at the time of applying thesis(normally during 3rd semester)
  • Should Pass Thesis Proposal Defense(for KOICA Students, NGO/IDC Students only)
  • For NGO students: should complete NGO introduction before thesis application
  • Students who do not meet the above eligibility WILL NOT be allowed to write a thesis and will automatically turned into the NON-THESIS track by the GSIS office

Thesis Track

Completion of Courses in each Dept
Required Courses
Elective Courses
Korean Studies Courses
Pass Comprehensive Exam
( 2 Subjects from the Major Requirements & Electives)
Completion of Research Credits (6) &
Pass Thesis Defense & Submit the Final Thesis to the University

Non-Thesis Track

Completion of Courses in each Dept
Required Courses
Elective Courses (more credits)
Korean Studies Courses
Pass Comprehensive Exam
( 2 Subjects from the Major Requirements & Electives)


Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
Department Course Completion Comprehensive
Track Korean
(Int’l Business)
3 24 15 6 - 48 two subjects,
only after 2nd semester
60 points
out of
100 in each)
must be
before obtaining diploma
3 24 18 - 3 48
(Int’l Trade)
3 15 15 6 - 39
3 15 21 - - 39
(NGO Studies)
3 6 21 6 - 36
3 6 24 - 3 36
(Int’l Development
and Cooperation)
3 6 21 6 - 36
3 6 24 - 3 36

Comprehensive Examination


In order to take the Comprehensive Exam, students should be enrolled at least 2 semesters at the GSIS program and should have an overall GPA above 3.0/4.5.

Subjects for Comprehensive Exam

Students are required to take 2 subjects in the required & Elective courses of each department. One subject is decided by the Dean of the GSIS, and the other subject is decided by the individual student. However, IB students should choose the subject among the five subjects:

  • - Principles of Accounting
  • - Marketing Management
  • - Operations Management
  • - Organizational Behavior
  • - Financial Management

※ Please note that students will not be allowed to take the CE when the course chosen is registered.

Passing Score

Students should receive 60 points out of 100 points on each subject

Fees for Comprehensive Exam

Students are required to pay a comprehensive exam fee to Ajou University when applying to take the test every semester. 20,000 Won/subject (This fee may increase in future academic years).


Students who failed the Comprehensive Exam can take the test again, and the number of times taking the comprehensive exam is not limited. Students who failed the CE cannot submit the final thesis

Application_for_Comprehensive_Exam_(2018-2) download

Thesis Application and Proposal Guideline

Procedure for Thesis Advisor Application and Assignment

  1. ① 3rd Semester students (2nd semester for KOICA) on the Thesis Track are required to apply fora thesis advisor who will
    give guidance to complete the thesis in 2 semesters. A list of faculty members who can serve as thesis advisors is provided by the GSIS office. First, students should submit the ‘preliminary thesis application form’ for assignment of Thesis Advisor. Students can consult with their department chairs to choose two professors from the list provided first and fill out the preliminary application form and submit it to the GSIS office. At this stage, students should consult with their department chairs in choosing professors and thesis topic. Please note that students DO NOT HAVE TO OBTAIN an APPROVAL from professors you have chosen at this stage. After collecting all preliminary application form, the GSIS will discuss with chairman of each department in order to assign a thesis advisor to each student. We will consider thesis fields and subjects in assigning a professor to the student. After this process, GSIS will notify the list of prospective thesis advisor on the homepage.
  2. ② Students who are planning to graduate with thesis should apply for a thesis advisor during the 3rd semester and should
    also take ‘Research Methods’ class during the 3rd semester. Please note that students WILL NOT be able to apply for a thesis track after the 3rd semester as of 2009 spring semester. If any student has taken the Research Methods class in the undergraduate program, he/she can be exempted to take this course and should consult this matter with his/her thesis advisor. Even though student has taken Research Methods class in the undergraduate program, if thesis advisor requires to take, students should take this course during the 4th semester. Please note that the main purpose of taking research methods class is to prepare students about writing thesis properly.
  3. ③ After being informed about the assigned thesis advisor, each student should meet and receive an approval from the
    thesis advisor recommended and should submit the ‘Thesis Advisor Application Form’ to the GSIS office.
  4. ④ After this, each student will know his/her thesis advisor appointed and should keep consulting with the thesis advisor for
    your thesis plan and thesis proposal to be submitted by the end of the semester.
  5. ⑤ Students who are writing thesis (3rd semester) proposal, should meet their thesis advisor assigned at least 4 times per
    semester in order to receive ‘S’ is research credit. Failure is meeting less than 4 times will result in ‘U’ in the final result. → Students who receive ‘U’ in the 3rd semester will automatically turn to the Non-thesis track and will not be able to apply for thesis track after this period.
  6. ⑥ Upon submitting the Thesis proposal, your thesis advisor will give you ‘Research’ credit which is 3 credit requirement for
    your graduation. Research credit is normally given by ‘S’(Satisfactory), ‘U’(Unsatisfactory), ‘I’(Incomplete) and students should receive ‘S’ in order to receive 3 credits of your research.
  7. ⑦ If students receive “I”, students should consult with their thesis advisor to correct proposal within one month in order to
    change your final grade from “I” to “S”.
    ※ Students who received 'U' two times in the 3rd and 4th semesters will not be allowed to continue to write thesis to graduate, and these students should change their track from Thesis to Non-Thesis upon approval by their department chairs (to be applied as of 2008 Fall semester)**

Thesis Defense Guidelines

All students on the thesis track are required to pass the Thesis Defense before submitting the final thesis to the thesis committee members. Thesis defense is normally scheduled in the graduating semester (4th semester) and the schedule is announced in the scheduled semester by the GSIS office. The information below applies to all students on the thesis track.

Submission of Thesis Defense Application Form

4th Semester Students on the Thesis Track are supposed to apply for their thesis final defense to pass and receive approval from the Thesis Committee Members including the thesis advisor. While getting approval from the thesis advisor, students should discuss the final thesis defense date and time with the members of the committee and should include the information on the application form. The GSIS office will check the room availability and finally confirm the final thesis date and time. According to the GSIS regulation, Thesis Committee Members should consist of three faculty members, and the Thesis Advisor serves as the chairman of the Committee. When consulting for the thesis defense date, students should consult with their thesis advisor about who will be the thesis committee members for the final defense. Students are required to pay the Thesis Defense Application fee of 100,000 Won and submit the receipt with the application form.

Thesis Defense Application Fee
Please send 100,000 Won to
SC Korea’s First Bank Ajou Branch (Account #: 632-15-000298)

(Sender information should be your full name, otherwise, the application will not be completed)

* Thesis defense application fee is subject to increase in future academic years.

Submission of Final Defense Draft

GSIS provides thesis format guidelines for the students. Students are expected to write the defense draft according to the guidelines. Students should submit it in two forms:
- MS Word file saved on CD or via Email
Students should put a title of thesis, name and ID number, department, and the name of thesis advisor on the CD Label.
- Printed Version

Students should submit the draft in both soft and hard copy to the thesis advisor and the committee members before the Thesis Defense Date. It is students’ responsibility to prepare for the Thesis Defense and inform the thesis committee members before the Thesis Defense Date assigned. The same information should be forwarded to the GSIS office.

Thesis Final Defense

All students writing a thesis should defend their thesis in front of the Thesis Committee during the defense period given on the schedule. The defense is open to the public

Submission of Final Defense Result

Final Defense Result is normally submitted by the Thesis Advisor but students sometimes could submit it with the thesis advisor’s approval. Students should note that it takes more than one week to make the printed version of the thesis and should prepare the final printed version quickly to meet the deadline.

Submission of Final Defense (Printed Version) and D-Collection Upload

Students who have passed the final defense should make copies in book form and submit 6 printed copies and 1 CD (5 copies directly to the library and 1 printed copy and the CD to the GSIS office). Among the all printed copies should include signatures from all committee members. Please refer to the thesis guideline for the final version of your thesis. D-Collection upload information, please refer to the GSIS main page banner.


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