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Spring Semester

HOMEAcademic Information For Current StudentsAcademic CalenderSpring Semester
  1. 2020 spring
  3. (As of Mar 9th, 2020)
Canlender Spring & Fall
Date Activity Reference
(Cancelled) International Students Orientation - mandatory (New Students)
(Cancelled) GSIS Orientation - mandatory (New Students)
Mar. 1 Independence Movement Day   
Mar. 2-4 Course Registration (Current Students)
Mar. 2-6 Submission of Application for Thesis Advisor (For 3rd semester students)
Mar. 9-11 Course Registration (New Students)
Mar. 16 Spring Semester begins  
Mar. 16-20 Announcement of Thesis Advisor Allocation (For 3rd semester students)
Mar. 18-20 Course Change Period  
Mar. 26-27 Course Drop Period  
Mar. 27 Thesis Workshop I (tentative) (For 1st or 2nd semester students)
Apr. 1-5 Submission of Application for Comprehensive Exam (For 3rd and 4th students) 
Apr. 10 Term 1/4 completed  
Apr. 12 The 47th Anniversary for School Founding Day (No class)  
Apr. 15 National Assembly Election Day (No class)  
Apr. 27-May. 1 Thesis Progress Report (with Thesis Advisor)
Submission of Application for Thesis Defense
(For 4th semester students)
Apr. 30 Buddha's Birthday (No class)  
May. 1  Labor day   
May 4-8 Submission of Thesis Defense Draft (For 4th semester students)
May. 5 Children's Day (No class)  
May. 6-12 Midterm Exams  
May. 8 Term 1/2 completed  
May. 18-22 Thesis Defense (For 4th semester students)
May. 25-29 Submission of Thesis Proposal Draft (For 3rd semester students)
May. 29 (Postponed) Comprehensive Exam (Friday, June 19, 2020) (For 3rd or 4th semester students)
Jun. 3-30 Course Evaluation Period  
Jun. 5 Term 3/4 completed


Jun. 6

Memorial Day

Jun. 8-12
Thesis Proposal Defense
(For 4th semester students)
Jun. 15-19 D-Collection Upload (For 4th semester students)
Jun. 22-26 Final Exams   
Jun. 26 Submission of Application for Leave of Absence or Study Resumption  
Jun. 29-July. 3 Submission of Printed Thesis (For 4th semester students)
Jul. 15 Farewell Party(tentative)  
Jul. 16 GSIS Commencement(tentative)  


* The above schedule is tentative as of February 2020 and is subject to change according to the GSIS schedule. Any change will be announced on the website OR via email.


(for 3rd semester students)


(for 3rd or 4th semester students)


(for 3rd or 4th semester students)


(New Students)


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