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Admission Schedule & procedure

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2021 Academic Year GSIS Admission Schedule

Thank you very much for applying to the Graduate School of International Studies at Ajou University, Korea. Please read the below information VERY CAREFULLY and inform yourself about the schedule in order NOT TO MISS any important information for your final admission to the Ajou GSIS in 2021 Spring & Fall Semester. 2021 Spring Admission Schedule is tentative and is subjected to change. GSIS strongly encourages applicants to apply during the 1st round of admission period for smooth admission and visa process.

[Application Form Deadline]


2021 Spring 2021 Fall
1st Round Nov. 13th 2020 May. 14th, 2021
2nd Round Dec. 4th, 2020 Jun. 4th, 2021
3rd Round Dec. 24th, 2020 Jun. 25th, 2021
[2021 Spring Admission Schedule]
Contents 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
① Application Deadline 11.13, 2020 12.04, 2020 12.24, 2020
② Documents Review  11.16 ~ 11.20 12.7 ~ 12.11 12.28 ~ 1.8, 2021
③ Skype Interview 11.25 ~ 11.27 12.16 ~ 12.18 1.13 ~ 1.15, 2021
④ Notification of Pre-Admission 12.7 ~ 12.11 12.28 ~ 12.31 1.20 ~ 1.26, 2021
⑤ Admission Fee and Tuition Payment 1.1 ~ 1.8, 2021 1.11 ~ 1.15, 2021

1.27 ~ 2.2, 2021

⑥ Final Admission Package Sent 1.11 ~ 1.15, 2021 1.18 ~ 1.22, 2021 2.3 ~ 2.9, 2021
⑦ Orientation 2.25 ~ 2.26, 2021 2.25 ~ 2.26, 2021

2.25 ~ 2.26, 2021

[2021 Fall Admission Schedule]


Contents 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
① Application Deadline 5.14, 2021 6.4, 2021 6.25, 2021
② Documents Review 5.17 ~ 5.21 6.7 ~ 6.11 6.28 ~ 7.9
③ Skype Interview 5.26 ~ 5.28 6.16 ~ 6.18 7.14 ~ 7.16
④ Notification of Pre-Admission 6.7 ~ 6.11 6.28 ~ 7.2

7.21 ~ 7.27

⑤ Admission Fee and Tuition Payment 7.1 ~ 7.7 7.8 ~ 7.14 7.28 ~ 8.3
⑥ Final Admission Package Sent 7.8 ~ 7.14 7.15 ~ 7.21 8.4 ~ 8.10
⑦ Orientation 8.26 ~ 8.27 8.26 ~ 8.27 8.26 ~ 8.27

*The above Schedule is tentative and subjected to change according to the GSIS(fixed on Oct. 14th , 2020). Any change will be updated on the homepage


  • Ajou GSIS is looking forward to receiving quality students and would be pleased to do an interview, however; we cannot guarantee to reserve a dorm room for the students if we do not know applicants' status to come to Ajou at least 4 weeks before the semester starts, therefore, we strongly recommend applicants to go with the first round of admission.
  • All students who declared to study at the GSIS should come to the GSIS before the Orientation date and should complete final registration upon arrival to the Ajou University. Students who cannot come before the Orientation date should clearly inform the GSIS office of their expected arrival date via email. GSIS Admission will be withdrawn when students DO NOT come to the university 2 weeks after the semester begins.
Application Form Submission

Students should submit application form along with all necessary materials required for document review by the deadlines indicated the above. When submitting the application form, applicants should pay 100USD of application fee.
For detailed information of application form, please refer   

SKYPE Interview

Please inform yourself that Ajou GSIS staff will contact you to make a date and time appointment for your interview and the GSIS Admission Committee member will give you a call to interview you on the designated date and time consulted already with the applicant. It is VERY IMPORTANT to be prepared for your skype interview as scheduled previously. When filling out the application form, please write down clearly of personal email account you wish to be contacted by the GSIS Admission Committee for further information for the interview. Failure to the interview will result in disqualification to the final admission to the Ajou GSIS program.

Notification of Pre-Admission

GSIS will inform the applicant regarding his/her admission status with Ajou GSIS via EMAIL first. Upon receiving the pre-admission via email, applicants should follow the instruction given in the notification letter and should pay admission and tuition fees until the deadline determined by the GSIS Admission Committee. Failure to the admission and tuition fee payment will result in disqualification to the final admission to the Ajou GSIS.

Admission Fee and Tuition Payment

Students are required to pay admission fee and tuition fees until the deadlines determined by the GSIS Admission Committee. It is VERY IMPORTANT to pay all fees instructed in order to receive the Final Admission Package which will include Visa Information for applicants to enter Korea with Student Visa(D2 Visa) and additional important admission information. Without tuition receipt, GSIS WILL NOT release Final Admission Package and Visa Information to the applicants, and it is very important to keep the admission fee and tuition payment deadlines guided in order to enter Korea properly and also on time NOT TO MISS any of important orientation and classes in the beginning of the semester. It is also important that Applicants notify transfer of the fees by sending the receipt of the payment sent via email or fax to the GSIS office.

Admission Fee and Tuition Payment Deadlines

Admission Fee and Tuition Payment Deadlines
2021 Spring Admission Fee and Tuition Payment (1st Round) 1.1 ~ 1.8, 2021
2021 Spring Admission Fee and Tuition Payment (2nd Round)

1.11 ~ 1.15, 2021

2021 Spring Admission Fee and Tuition Payment (3rd Round) 1.27 ~ 2.2, 2021

How to make the payment

Students should wire-transfer the fees directly to the Ajou University Bank Account the below:

When making the payment, applicants should write down his/her name in order to verify the sender. Failure to write down applicants’ full name may result in not receiving the fees by the University thus, it not being able to release the final admission package to verify the sender.

In addition, applicants should also pay all handling fees (such as money transferring fees of 20$) when filling out the international money transfer format his/her banks in his/her country. Ajou University WILL NOT pay any handling fees of the applicants’ remittance, and any handling fees charged to the Ajou University by mistake of the applicants WILL BE CHARGED AGAIN to the applicants upon arrival to the Ajou University.

Applicants should keep in mind that it takes about 2-3 days normally to finally confirm receipt of the fees at the Bank in Ajou University, and should send the fees 2-3 days prior to the deadline set by the University.

Admission Fee and Tuition

Information of Admission Fee and Tuition : →GO

Refund Policy


According to the GSIS regulation, admission fee and tuition fee CANNOT be refunded unless there are special circumstances such as visa rejection, death of family members, natural disasters and etc. If student under such circumstances would like to get refund, student must notify GSIS office before the first day of the semester in order to get refund of full tuition and admission fee. However, if students notify GSIS after the first day of the semester, admission fee cannot be refunded and only part of tuition fee will be refunded according to the GSIS regulations.




Tuition Refund Application 

Voluntary Resignation 

Deferment of Admission


Admission deferral is allowed to the Ajou GSIS applicants who have been admitted and completed the Admission & Tuition Fee Payment. Also, Ajou GSIS only allow applicants to defer up to one semester (ex. If you got admitted in Fall 2020 semester and made the Admission & Tuition Payment, the applicant can defer the admission to start the semester in Spring 2021). 


Deferment Form

  • Please contact Ms. Jiyeon Moon, Coordinator, Graduate School of International Studies
  • Tel : +82-31-219-1551
  • Fax :+82-31-219-1554
  • Email :



09.03, 2020


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