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[GSIS] COVID-19 Social Distancing Level 2 Guidelines
Writer 국제대학원 Date 2020-08-18 Hit 291
Dear Ajou GSIS Students,

We hope this email finds you well.
With the recent rapid increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 nationwide, the Korean Government has upgraded the Social Distance to Level Two starting on August 16 in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province.

This being said, please refrain from going outside unless you must.
You MUST wear your mask at all times (cover both your nose and mouth) when you go outside and keep
up your personal hygiene(especially clean hands) and air ventilation.

There are few important announcements to share from the Korean Government:

1. According to the revision of the Infectious Diseases Prevention and Management Act, as of August 17,
COVID-19 confirmed foreigners who enter Korea will have to bear the full amount of medical expenses 
IF there is a violation of domestic quarantine measures and/or orders and false submission of medical

2. From August 24, COVID-19 confirmed foreigners who enter Korea will be required to pay some or all
medical expenses by nationality according to the extent and status of support to Korean people.
    • Countries that support foreigners: Full Support(excluding non-essential non-wage)
    • Countries that do not support foreigners: Fully responsible for themselves
    • Foreigners conditional(partial) support country: Quarantine Admission Fee(Bedroom fees)
      are provided, but the medical expenses, food expenses, etc are not included.

Now that our current social distancing level is raised to "Level Two", administrative orders will be issued to ban
both public and private events involving 50 or more people indoors or 100 or more people outdoors and
strengthen the quarantine rules.
Therefore, we ask for your cooperation to follow the Social Distancing Level 2 Guidelines.

Furthermore, anyone who uses the below high-risk facilities needs to comply with the strengthened quarantine
rules, and fines may be imposed for violating the rules(including deportation order).
  • Clubs and other nightlife venue
  • Hagwon(Private Academy with less than 300 people)
  • General Restaurants with a certain size of arcade(e.g. 150m2 or higher)
  • Waterpark
  • Religious Facilities
  • Indoor Wedding Hall
  • Funeral Hall
  • Movie Theater
  • Concert Hall
  • Indoor Sports Facilities
  • Multi-room and DVD room
  • Public Bathhouse

We hope for your safety and health while you are studying in Korea. Wear masks at all times!

Best Regards,

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