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[GSIS] Follow-up Information on COVID-19_Social Distancing Level 2 Guidelines
Writer 국제대학원 Date 2020-08-20 Hit 361
Dear Ajou GSIS Students,

Due to an excessive number of new confirmed cases, there has been an order that made it mandatory for
residents and visitors in Gyeonggi Province to wear face masks indoors and outdoors as of
August 16, 2020.

Please note that we are somewhat in a serious level of COVID-19 pandemic that the Government is asking our
cooperation to follow the given guidelines for our safety and health.
Gyeonggi residents and visitors will only be allowed to take their masks off in exceptional cases, such as while
having meals.
Those who break the rule may face fines of up to 3 million won (US$2,500) for violating the Infectious Disease
Control and Prevention Act.

The government also decided to place tougher restrictions on gatherings at religious facilities, including churches
and temples.
  • No face-to-face gatherings or events other than regular service/mass
  • No loud singing/praying/talking during regular service/mass
  • No meals
  • Ensure mask wearing
  • Maintain 2m distancing among facility users
In coffee shops and restaurants, it is difficult to keep the masks on while eating or drinking, and there is a high risk
of droplet transmission while having a conversation.
Therefore, we ask you to follow the below guideline at the coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Utilize takeout or delivery rather than dining in
  • If dining in, 
    • avoid rush hours
    • keep mask on except while eating or drinking
    • minimize duration of stay in venue
Also, twelve types of high-risk facilities such as clubs, karaoke, buffets, and PC rooms as well as indoor national
and public facilities will be banned from operation.
There will be no face-to-face events, provisions of food and group eating at those facilities(The singing of hymns
will be restricted and collective prayer will be banned).

Furthermore, we are sharing some of the recent major cases of church-related mass infection below.
If you have been to the below mentioned churches, please visit the nearest health center or/and call 1339 to get
tested as soon as possible.

Recent Major Cases of Church-related Mass Infection
KCDC(As of 0:00, August 18)

Date of


Name of the Church / Route of Infection



12020-08-05경기 고양시 반석교회 관련
Gyeonggi Goyang Banseok Church
22020-08-05경기 고양시 기쁨153교회 관련
Gyeonggi Goyang Happiness 153 Church
32020-08-08경기 김포시 주님의샘교회 관련
Gyeonggi Gimpo The Fountain of the Lord Church
42020-08-11경기 용인시 우리제일교회 관련
Gyeonggi Yongin Woori Jeil Church
52020-08-12서울 성북구 사랑제일교회 관련
Seoul Seongbuk Sarang Jeil Church
62020-08-12서울 양천구 되새김교회 관련
Seoul Yangcheon Retrospective Church
72020-08-14서울 영등포구 여의도순복음교회 관련
Seoul Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Full Gospel Church
82020-08-14서울 노원구 안디옥 교회 관련
Seoul Nowon Andioch Church
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-Gov't limits church activities in the Seoul area to non-contact worship services:

Once again, your safety and health is our top priority concerns and be reminded that COVID-19 can infect anyone and in any place with confined, crowded, and close-contact environement.
So please follow the infection prevention guidelines and cancel or postpone all non-essential outings, gatherings,
events, and travel.

Please keep us informed if you have any concern or questions.


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