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[GSIS] Course Registration for 2020 Fall Semester
Writer 국제대학원 Date 2020-08-25 Hit 322


• Course Registration Periods(For Current Students): August 26 (Wed.) 9:00 am ~ August 28 (Fri.) 23:59 pm

• Course Registration Periods(For New Students): August 26 (Wed.) 9:00 am ~ August 28 (Fri.) 23:59 pm
• Course Syllabus: August 24 (Mon.) - Can be checked from the Aims portal

• Course Registration Change Periods: September 3 (Thur.) 9:00 am ~ September 4 (Fri.) 23:59 pm

• Course Drop Periods: September 10 (Thur.) 9:00 am ~ September 11 (Fri.) 23:59 pm


Attachments (You MUST read every file very carefully.)

1) Notes on Course Registration

2) Timetable

3) Information of Classes and Tests types

4) How to get Syllabus & Course Registration

5) How to attend the Online(Blackboard) course - Basic Blackboard Guide


  • > 2020 Fall semester starts on September 1(Tue).
  • > In the 2020 fall semester, various kinds of online courses will be offered along with face-to-face (+partial face-to-face) classes. To see each course's class and test type, please find the attached 'Classes and Tests types for the GSIS 2020-2 semester' file and check the Syllabus of each course.

* Plans are subject to change in accordance with the COVID19 situation.

  • > Though the course type is online, tests can be conducted offline. (For current students living abroad, professors will provide opportunities such as online exams, live-zoom exams, homework, team projects, etc.)
  • > You must have an internet access at all times during 2020 fall semester with no excuse.
  • > Your attendance will be counted via online (Blackboard), except the face-t-face classes.
  • > There will be weekly assignments that must be submitted by the given deadlines of each course. Therefore, you must check the syllabus and notice on blackboard of each course every day.



‘International Negotiations’ by Prof. Troy is a Joint Class with Graduate School of Business.

Leadership and Ethics Workshop II (LEW) will NOT be offered in 2020 Fall Semester but 2021 Spring Semester instead.


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