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General Academic Information

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Changing Major

Changing major is allowed before the second or the third semester begins and is allowed only one time during students' study period at the Ajou GSIS. In order to obtain permission, students should talk to the department chairs of both departments and obtain their consent for changing the department before the semester starts. Any financial obligations arising due to the change of department are the responsibility of the individual student.

Credit recognition
  • Taking undergraduate courses and credit recognition
    • - Range of recognition: Up to 6 credits for Master’s program
    • - Requires: Discussion with the Chairman of each Department in advance. Submission ofapplication form for admission of alternative subject
    • - Time of submission: During the Course Registration Period for each semester
    • - Procedure: Same as the procedure of registering for courses of the GSIS
  • Taking courses from other departments in the GSIS
    • - Courses that are included in the curriculum of each major would be counted as credits for graduation.
Grading System
  • Students’ final grades are recorded permanently at Ajou University by the following letter grade system.


Grade Grade point) Test score
A+ 4.5 95~100
A0 4.0 90~94
B+ 3.5 85~89
B0 3.0 80~84
Grade Grade point) Test score
C+ 2.5 75~79
C0 2.0 70~74
F 0.0 0~69
I Incomplete  

(Research) : S ( Satisfactory ) / U ( Unsatisfactory ) / I ( Incomplete )

  • Recovery or additional exams can take place only when the student is severely ill or in another serious condition, and only by getting approval from the instructors.
  • Each student will receive one “Transcript” listing the courses taken, grade point, and the number of credits for each course. Additional transcripts may be requested individually at the Ajou Service Center.
  • Transcripts will not be issued while a financial obligation to Ajou University remains outstanding.
  • How to get the transcript: Students can receive a transcript automatically at the Ajou Service Center (ASC) located on the 1st floor of New Student Union building. It costs 1,000 won for an English version and 500 won for a Korean version. If the machine is not available, you can ask the staff of the ASC to issue your transcript manually.

Most syllabuses are available in the GSIS office or on the website ( For those not available, it is the students' responsibility to coordinate with the professor and ensure you have the syllabus and required course information for taking courses. If you have any inquiries about the course, please contact the professor before the semester begins.


All GSIS students are strongly urged to pay their tuition on time during the enrollment period of each semester. The GSIS office normally announces the tuition payment around two-three weeks before each semester starts.

Assessment, Course Evaluation, Scholarships
Students are given at least two regular examinations (mid-term and final) and additional written assignments as deemed necessary by the professor. Student performance is assessed based on a combination of class attendance (very important in Korean University, and checked almost every time the class meets), class participation, papers, quizzes, and examinations. The evaluation method and criteria vary according to the professor’s belief, teaching styles, the content of the class, etc.
The times and dates of examination for each class will be announced by the professor, but occasionally some change is required in the time or location. Please confirm your exam time and location the day before each exam.
At least 75% attendance is required to earn a grade.
Course Evaluation
Ajou University runs a course evaluation system in order to provide consequent qualified courses to students.
Every student should do your course evaluation in the last week of each semester online.
Only those who’ve done the course evaluation are allowed to check your grades.
Course Evaluation is completely SECRET BALLOT and professors, as well as GSIS office, cannot find the evaluator’s name. You please evaluate the course straightforwardly and there would be no disadvantage to the evaluator.

Scholarship can be awarded subject to grade evaluation each semester by the GSIS Academic Affairs Committee. Amount of Scholarship of Eligibilities are as follows: Please note that the below information is based on 2014 and can be changed each semester depending on circumstances.  Please also be careful that the minimum GPA on each scholarship is for students’ reference only and could vary each semester according to students’ performance. If the students got F score in the previous semester, they are not eligible to get any scholarship in the next semester


Ajou GSIS Academic Scholarship

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