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Strengths of Ajou GSIS

HOMEIntroduction Strengths of Ajou GSIS

Superb Scholarship Opportunity

Ajou GSIS offers great scholarship benefits to its own students based on their academic performance in the previous semesters . Students who meet certain academic standards are entitled to receive an Academic scholarship provided by the GSIS (who are enrolled for 9 or more credits in a semester and who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 out of 4.5)

The scholarship can range from 50% of the tuition fee to 100% of tuition fee depending on students' academic performances. Most of our students receive either a national scholarship provided by the Korean goverment or the academic scholarship provided by the GSIS of Ajou University. Among many GSIS programs in Korea, Ajou GSIS is one of the universities offering the highest percentage of schoarships to the students. The following charts explain the scholarship beneficiary status of Ajou GSIS students.

For detailed information of the scholarships, please visit Academic Information

2015 Fall sememster

2010 Fall sememster
Scholarship A 9
Scholarship B 21
Scholarship C 43
KOICA Scholarship Program 39
NIIED Scholarship Program(GKS) 5
TA Scholarship 9
Gazette TA Scholarship  3
New Student Academic Scholarship 42
  • ※ Scholarship A : 100% tuition waive 
  • ※ Scholarship B : 75% tuition waive
  • ※ Scholarship C : 50% tuition waive
  • ※ Academic Scholarship for New Students : 50% tuition waive
  • ※ KOICA, NIIED are government scholarships and all fees including tution and living stipend are supported by the
    Korean government

Diversity students

As its name, Ajou GSIS is composed of the students from different cultural backgrounds and almost 99 percent of students are international students came from more than 60 countries. The majority of students are mid-career professionals with several years of working experience in government, business, NGOs, media or academia.

Figure 2. GSIS student population by nations

Exchange programs

The GSIS program places great emphasis on finding opportunities for students to study abroad and become a part of special community that stands at the forefront of the globalization of Northeast Asia and the rest of the world. This reflects the international orientation of GSIS. Thus, faculty and staff members work hard to help students find exchange programs at foreign universities

Internship Program

The Internship Program is an extension of Ajou's GSIS program in order for foreign students to obtain knowledge and practical experience at a Korean company or government offices for several months. A formal education in International Studies in this era of globalization is in itself a valuable asset for any career. In this manner, internship has become a vital part of education that students can put into practice the things they have learned in class. However, internship opportunitites are limited in the given circumstances and GSIS announces its openings when available.

Various Activities
  • Academic Study Tours and Industrial Site Visits
    Ajou GSIS encourages experiential learning. Students are encouraged to visit various cultural, academical, and industrial sites to enhance their knowledge for better understanding of Korea's economic and industrial development.
  • International Symposium and Special Lectures
    In order to expand and deepen knowledge on international politics and business issues in Korea , Ajou GSIS tries to make students exposed to Korean society through various activities such as special lectures, industrial site visits, field trips and conferences.


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